Review by link

loki foundation is one of the labels that has always been able to present their music as a part of a larger aesthetics, complete with ideology and visual presentation. this vinyl release from herbst9 is no exception - it comes packaged in a heavy dark red envelope with familiar tribal overtones.

both tracks present on the album - "consolamentum" and "bloodmoon ritual" - deal with the themes that loki is famous for - dark ambience with a ritualistic, primal side. found organic sounds and deep resonating drones float as if through the primordial woods filled with whispers and chants, echoing with heavy rhythmic drumming. this is a spiritual rite among the archaic forces, the heresy of the middle ages captured and preserved. despite its very organic nature, the music balances the purity of electronics with that coarse, rough feel of found sounds and gloomy, monumenal landscapes.

the atmosphere of this album is a lot more solemn and moody (if the term applies to this genre) than previous material by herbst9; it is both frightening and mesmerizing, displaying one of the best examples of dark ambient deeply rooted in the forces of nature.